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How To Find A Sample Dissertation Methodology: Tips For Dummies

One of the key elements that need to be included in your dissertation is the methodology section. Don't make the mistake of assuming that this is the same thing as the 'methods'. The methodology section describes the philosophy of the methods you choose to complete your research, including whether you have decided upon utilizing a quantitative or qualitative approach, some of both, and why you did so.

What to include

Some dissertations are submitted in sections. When this happens it is usual for the methodology to be handed in before any actual research has been started. In this case, write out exactly what it is that you are planning to do. One of the main things to remember is that this section must be linked back to the academic basis for why you made your choice, and the literature to clarify why your methods have been chosen. Also make sure that the following are included:

  • the problem you are addressing
  • the approach you are taking to the primary research
  • whether there is any precedence
  • how to ensure reproducibility
  • justification for the methods used
  • the rationale behind the choice
  • how valid and reliable the research is

Where to find samples

Now that you know how a dissertation methodology should look, you will be able to recognize great examples when you see them. The next thing you need to know is where to track them down.

  • Journals and other academic publications: New research that is breaking ground in a certain field is published on a regular basis so that everyone else is able to take advantage of it. You can be fairly confident when looking at samples here because they are the top in their subject matter.
  • Search online: If there are certain scholars who you admire for their contributions to your field of study, search online for work that has been done by them, including their dissertation. Examine it to get an idea of what yours should look like when it is done.
  • Browse your school's online library: Your school will have an archived section of papers that have been done by graduates before you. The best thing about searching out samples here is that they follow all the requirements and expected standards of your particular instructors.
  • Ask your peers: Everyone else in the class is going to be writing their paper as well. Ask one or two of your classmates if you can take a look at how they have approached the problem of doing their methodology.

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