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Writing An Excellent Proposal For A Master's Dissertation: Basic Tips

Many students struggle with creating a proposal that matches the information that was introduced to them about their given topic. This is an especially difficult when it is your dissertation paper because you already have the stress of I have to finish this paper in order to obtain my degree plus it is their last class causing even more stress. Do not fret there is a couple of steps that you can refer to make sure that the paper is going in the right direction, and they are:

  1. Know the topic
  2. Know the order of how the paper is supposed to go. The following is a general list and brief description of each section:
    • Title: the name that you have chosen to represent your paper
    • Abstract: a short explanation of the sections to come. It is normally anywhere from 100 words to up to 350 words.
    • Introduction: a layout for how the body of the paper will flow. It is also the hardest section to write so do not worry about completing it first.
    • Statement of the problem: what the writer believes are the main arguing points about their research. These should be written in an open form so that you can later expand on them in your paper.
    • Purpose/ Research questions: these are questions that you have created based on the questions that had arisen during your research process. It also tells the reader why you want to write the paper.
    • Review of literature: this is an explanation of the sources that you used and a short description of how they are relevant to your research process.
    • Methodology: the order that you plan on delivering the way that you reached your findings.
    • Significance: why your research is important
    • Timeline: how long it will take you to prepare the entire paper
    • Bibliography references: The sources that you used and their relevance to the information referenced.
  3. The proposal should be somewhere between 20 and 25 pages long
  4. It should present to the reader that you know what you are talking about.
  5. All of the sentences must be in sync do that the reader does not get stuck on a certain section.
  6. You should also note your presence whether your research whether it is in front of the camera meaning placing I throughout with the things that you found or behind the scenes where you let the research speak for itself.

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