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Where To Look For A Sample Dissertation Research Methodology

Research methodologies are one of the most frustrating parts of a dissertation to write. Each one for each subject area and even each topic can be wildly different. However, it is still beneficial to read other examples in order to get a sense of the sort of style and format that you might want to use and that might be best for your topic. Written below, therefore, are 3 of the best places to find samples of dissertation research methodologies.

  • Paid-for essay sites
  • There are plenty of places online that offer you academic texts of all sorts - for a fee, of course. If you happen to have a generous disposal income, then this is the first place to try! You can either buy a pre-written example or ask to have one specifically designed and tailored for you. Beware, however: it is extremely important to read reviews before you buy or attempt to buy anything. There are, unfortunately, some scams, and some companies will attempt to make you pay for more than the dissertation is actually worth. Shop around and check multiple sites to make sure that you are getting the best deal.

  • University sites and department sites online
  • The university that you are studying at, as well as most if not all other universities will no doubt offer free examples of academic texts to its students. These can often most easily be found online, although you may be able to get your tutor to email it to you if you cannot find it. Simply search either the main university homepage or the specific department you are with for a ‘sample of research methodology’ writing and let the results flow! This has the added benefit of being specific to your own university and your own department, so you can see if they have any guidelines that other universities - and therefore other examples you might have found - do not follow.

  • Google
  • A general Google search is better than nothing if you want free results but cannot find anything on your university web page. Put in the relevant search terms - remembering to include things such as the level you are writing at and the subject you are writing on - and off you go! For more specifically academic results, also try repeating the search in Google Scholar. Remember to do multiple searches in order to get a range of results.

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