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Choosing Winning Dissertation Topics On Geography

Geography is a fascinating subject. You can learn about the planet’s most visible features and from that gain a better idea of the resource that we hold custodianship of and how best we can protect it. This is especially important now that man made climate change is beginning to show its effects on the human race. Some of the pollution that was produced generations ago will one day be affecting or grandchildren. Here are some tips to help choose a topic in this important field in order to write a winning dissertation:

Pay attention to the professor

He or she knows exactly what he or she wants. If you do not listen carefully you can miss it when some of the more important hints are being dropped both in terms of the direction you should take as well as the ones you need to avoid.

Speak to your colleagues regularly

The other students in your class will have ideas that can be useful to you if you are on good terms with them and converse often. They can also tell you what is over popular and should be avoided.

Read up on the latest advances in the field

There is always something new being discovered and often these new things can help you create a hard hitting new paper that resembles nothing else. You can get extra points for being that original. Some of these advances may require a new analysis that only your dissertation can provide.

When you keep these in mind during brainstorming you can come up with topics that resemble the following, suggested by DissertationTeam:

  1. Plate tectonics and the surge in earthquakes in modern times
  2. The human era: How mankind has created a new geological age
  3. How man-made structures affect the natural landscape
  4. Unknown Seascape: The undiscovered two thirds of the Earth’s surface
  5. Climate change and the new eroding shoreline
  6. How likely is it that we will enter a new ice age within the next 100 years?
  7. How son will we be able to explore the geography of other planets?
  8. Is terraforming a legitimate solution to modern planetary issues?
  9. Can soil samples finally end the creation vs evolution debate?
  10. Should the rights of the planet take precedence over the push for financial gain?

There will always be other topics that you can explore and you should feel willing to try them. You can only learn from that experience.

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