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A List of Outstanding Topics for a Doctoral Thesis in Cosmology

Why is the Doctoral Thesis Important?

Your doctoral thesis is the last major milestone to complete before graduating from you PhD program. This writing will be created with the intention to publish. For this reason, you want to be sure that the work you produce will exceed expectations. In order to guarantee this kind of success you can review our list of outstanding topics for your inspiration and our list of helpful tips for your success.

Inspiration for Your Topic

  1. The Future of the Universe: What does research support for the future of the universe? There are many theories. Explore and find one you would like to argue in your thesis.
  2. The Life of the Milky Way: How did the Milky Way come to be? What can we learn from its purpose and life?
  3. Stars and Carbon: How does carbon play a role in stars? What happens to the carbon that is emitted by a star?
  4. Voids and Dark Energy: Can voids in space help us in understanding dark energy? How does this dark energy play a role in the growing universe?
  5. The Birth of a Star: What is unique or spectacular about the birth of a star? Find an interesting aspect of this natural process to research.
  6. Dark Energy’s Role in End of Universe: How could dark energy indicate an end in the universe similar to that of the big bang?
  7. The Hologram Theory: What is the possibility of the world being one large hologram? What theories or information support or disprove this claim?
  8. Cosmic Radio Bursts: What are possible explanations for bursts in radio waves of space? Could they be communications from far off galaxies?
  9. The String Theory: The theory that all that we see is made of tiny strings. What does this theory mean about universe and alternate dimensions?
  10. Goldilocks Universe: The notion that there is infinity of universes out there—also capable of supporting life.

Tips for Success

With a better understanding of why the doctoral thesis is so important, what cosmology is, and some inspiring ideas you are ready to begin your dissertation work. Below we have listed some tips we suggest for the upmost dissertation success:

  • Set an agenda to be sure all work is complete.
  • Pick a topic you feel passionately about.
  • Consider if the research will be interesting or compelling to you/audience.
  • Create outline to keep information organized.
  • Make sure to only address research questions.
  • Appoint advisor for guidance throughout process.

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