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Fifteen Great Nursing Master's Dissertation Ideas To Consider

Stuck for ideas for writing your Master’s dissertation in Nursing? Consider some of the fifteen great ideas:

  1. The effectiveness of public information programs about Heart Health. A comparison of available information between 1970 and 2015. A review of the policies and effeciencies of the programs and a projection for 2020.

  2. The Challenges of Nurses returining to work after an extended leave of absence. The possibility of training updates. How does returning to work differ in other professions, for example teaching or law?

  3. The effectiveness of mentoring programs. The protocols of mentoring. The reality of mentoring programs in comparison to the idealized programs that are covered through a literature search. Comparison to mentoring programs in teaching.

  4. Looking at public confidence in hospital care. Which is the greatest influence: the media, personal experience or the related experience of a family member? How can negative confidence levels be improved?

  5. What the expectations in the level of professional nursing support by patients receiving palliative care? Do their expectations collate with the expectations of their family and the people providing the care program?

  6. What constitutes the best mutual strategies between care assistants and registered nurses to work together? Look not just at hospital settings, but also at residential nursing homes for people with brain trauma.

  7. When it comes to treating a patient how much of it is clinically based and how much is based on intuition and practical experience? Question whether we provide nursing students with sufficient hands on experience.

  8. Consider the amount of stress that a student nurse is put under when on placement. How does this compare to other professions such as teaching? Based on Literature and observations what improvements could be made?

  9. Why do Psychiatric Nurses have a higher incidence of burn out in comparison to an Orthopedic Nurse or a Nurse working at a GP surgery? Make comparisons and contrasts based on sound documentation and observation.

  10. Devise a program for Primary School Children that supports mental health issues. Focus on what is already available through covert activities within the curriculum and how they can be built upon. Stress the importance.

  11. Hospitals can be very difficult places for children with Asperger’s Syndrome (Autism Level 1 DSM V). has the use of the hospital passport been successful in supporting these children?

  12. We seem to be continually dealing with inclement weather. Develop a program for heath awareness during these times. Focus on all age groups. How can community nurses be supported during inclement weather?
  13. Pain management for children. How is the effectiveness of pain management measured? Do all of the health care staff that work with children understand how to cope with children who are experiencing pain?

  14. What are the most effective methods of dealing with adult pain management? Look at the benefits of using CBT alongside analgesics. What other psychological strategies are effective?

  15. The importance of supporting people with thyroid problems. Look at the changes in the information available to patients in 2015 compared to 1955. How can diet help support thyroid function?

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