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Writing the Essential Chapters of a Dissertation: A Brief Tutorial

Your important dissertation will have a set structure that you must follow. You will want to have a handbook near you as you write, in order to know your style, such as the APA or the MLA styles. It is very important that you stick to this style. Here are the major parts that all papers will have in them:

Essential Chapters of a Dissertation: Your Brief Tutorial Guide

  • Title Page-which will include the title of the piece(hopefully a catchy name), the name of the school, the degree statement, and the month and year(that you will be awarded the degree).
  • The Table of Contents-use your school guide to make sure that this either goes after the title page or after the
  • Abstract. Those are the two most common placings.
  • Statements and Notices- examples of this are the ethics declaration, originality notice, and any acknowledgements you chose to include.
  • The Abstract-this is a summary of the paper which is actually written after you finish the dissertation. It really should not be longer than 250 words. After the Abstract you can put the technical references such as unusual terms you used or abbreviations that you used.
  • The Introduction-it will have several different sections within it such as the objectives and goals, the context of the work, the title explanation, the paper’s hypothesis, the exclusions, the shape of your dissertation, and the conventions that you adopted. The context can have several directions in which it can be written. It can be in a narrative form, in a historic form, or in an academic style.
  • Methodology-you will next have the methodology which will tell the reader what methods and techniques you used in your research. this part will mention the paradigm, any constraints, the specific context, the design used, your strategy, and other such items.
  • Findings-your findings will come next in the piece. Then this will be followed with the discussion.
  • The dissertation piece-this is the meat of the paper and where most of the writing is loacted.
  • Conclusion-this will wrap up the findings and the piece itself. It tells what you discovered and if the hypotheses held up in the research.
  • References and Appendices-this is the last part of the paper. It is important as it lists the sources used, and shows that they were valid and they were credible.

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