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A Complete Guide To Writing A Political Science Master's Dissertation

When you take on Political Science for higher studies, you know you are dealing with a subject that demands equal ratio of perception, opinion and exaction. The dissertation, thus, extracts that much extra from you; as each of your statements has to be backed by logic and data.

Here is how you complete the dissertation –

  • Say, the topic is about how China plans to counter American dominance in trade matters. Now, you have first to jot down the pertinent questions – Is China equipped to go on such mission? Can China actually focus singe-handedly on internal expansion? IS China not prohibitive to trade with certain portions of Europe through its strict stance on duties and taxes? There are actually countless questions on the bridge.
  • You should imbibe serious quotients from credible sources and spend hours in the library to sum up fresh perspectives. These will then shape up your Literature review and abstract. You should also be clear-minded about the layout and formatting and stick to the regulations.
  • You should earmark and plan out extensive methodologies. You can question small and large enterprises and certain investment gurus on what they think about China’s impending economy and its impact on the Asian market.
  • You can then find a way to connect that with the claim to be a superpower in trade through a fervent analysis. The methods will hand you the samples and you need to also moot situations you bypassed. You need to be up with the current trends and any fresh policy that may be regulated in the meantime.
  • Your conclusion should be clear and acute; and your assertion should not invite speculation. You will have to feed in the data and also synthesize the perspectives of luminaries in the field. You should be able to offer poignant solution to China and its trade followers.
  • If you have any tables in mind, you can always use the table section of the appendix pages. After you are through with the whole paper, check out whether it is seamless or not. Your writing style should be fluent and eminently understandable.

Different avenues

You can also take on topical themes related to internal policies and hegemony; following of ideologies. In fact, there are many avenues you may seep into. Just remember to do your homework well and make passionate enquiries on the quotients.

The edge of your methods will have a deep impact on the emulating status of your paper.

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