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A List Of Original MBA Dissertations Topics To Consider

Writing an MBA paper is supposed to be easy for you, especially having been in school for all these years. However, this does not necessarily mean that you will find it easy all the time. There are so many things that you can learn today that will go so far in helping you write a very good paper. The first thing that you have to realize about any of these papers for that matter is the fact that the topic will normally determine whether or not you will pass in the long run. Without a good topic, there is every possibility that you will fail the paper. This is why most lecturers normally advocate for students to place a lot of emphasis on finding a very good topic. The topic you choose can easily tell your tutor whether or not you put in some good effort into writing the paper.

The following are some good topics that you can use for this particular purpose:

  1. A study of the effect of e-commerce on profits – this is a good topic, considering that we currently live in a world where there is so much e-commerce going on. There are companies that have enjoyed favorable results with e-commerce while there are many others that have seriously struggled with the same.
  2. Effect of credit cards on the world of banking – credit cards are the craze at the moment; almost all banks out there are trying to encourage their customers to get some. However, in as much as this is a very easy way for the banks to enslave their clients, what is the overall effect of advancing too much credit to the customers?
  3. Are ethical training programs effective? – there have been so many such programs that have been run in the past in different organizations and it begs the question of whether or not these programs are really efficient. Are the results worth all the investment, or are companies investing in a sinking fund that bears no results?
  4. Understanding the role and place of unions in the modern world – unions have been there since time immemorial, championing for the rights of employees and employers all over the place. With different advancements in society, the place of unions has come into disrepute, including their functions and roles. How do you view their position amidst these changes?

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