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Developing A Winning Dissertation Title In Architecture: Useful Directions

It is well known that a dissertation is the largest piece of work that a postgraduate student will work on individually. It’s hard work, and the research is intensive, but if tackled appropriately and with a winning title, it may be the tool that helps you gain access to the organization you desire to work for.

Think Information and Creativity

Throughout your entire process of writing your dissertation, your title is one of the most important steps, and you need to be sure it does justice to your work. A title must do several things in a small number of words. Most importantly, your title needs to tell readers what will be discussed at length, as well as include a unique element that lets readers know your personality is present in your work. The colon is a common punctuation mark used by many academics in their titles. This allows you to express two sides of your study by creating a title with two phrases. This method is used to draw readers into your work through information and creativity.

Your personality is the most important thing to consider when developing your title, as your writing style is revealed by the body of your work. Therefore, it is important to remain true to your style when developing a title. You don’t want to develop a title that you feel is attractive but actually misleads your readers in some way. There’s no need to worry about what will gain the attention of people outside of your academic group because the majority of colleagues who will be reading your work have professional interests similar to yours.

Main Components of a Title

While keeping in mind the above, it is necessary for you to be cognizant of the following components when in the developmental stages of your title.

  • #1. Your area of interest and the focus of your research – Your area of interest is the specific topic that you are addressing, and the focus is the particular angle of that topic that you are developing.
  • #2. The outcome of your research – Your title should attract attention to specific outcomes of your research that you feel are of most importance.
  • #3. Important components of your research strategy – The research strategy that you select to guide you may contain some components including research design, research methodology, research method, data analysis technique, etc. Your title should only include the specific components that were of the most importance to your study.

As stated earlier, the title of your dissertation is one of the most important developments. Although not an all-inclusive guide, these tips will lead you in the right direction, giving you the main components you should focus on when developing a winning title.

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