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A List Of Free Dissertation Topics In Marketing

Getting a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) requires the graduate student to complete a research paper better known as a dissertation or thesis. When completing a thesis paper for one’s MBA degree, the graduate student must ensure that the dissertation thesis will focus on business, economics, or marketing topics. The student should select a subject matter that they are familiar with and have some experience with. It is not a good idea to choose a topic that you are not familiar with and will have to do extensive research on to understand the general concepts of the subject.

Where to find good subjects or topics for a Marketing Dissertation?

  • The student can always go to their course materials and textbooks for good topics.
  • The professor will sometimes provide the students with topics to choose from.
  • Social media is a good place to find possible subjects for the graduate research paper.
  • Current news is another good place to find interesting stories to write about especially concerning business, economics, and marketing.
  • The internet is also a good place to find interesting marketing subjects.

The graduate student should follow these basic instructions when writing their Marketing Thesis:

  • Ensure that the subject matter they choose to write about is approved by the dissertation committee and their supervising instructor.
  • The student must ensure that they understand the general instructions to complete the graduate term paper.
  • The student should complete an outline of the topic to present to their supervising instructor for guidance and advice.
  • The graduate student has to ensure that they allocate enough time to complete the thesis paper.
  • It is always good to complete at least two rough drafts of the Marketing research paper before doing the final copy of it.

Some good subjects for a Marketing Thesis:

  • How will the US economy fare in the next five years?
  • Why is China the new superpower regarding the economy?
  • Why has the Euro currency lost value in the past few years?
  • How has the recent rise in violence in Mexico affected its tourist industry?
  • Is it better to buy “Made in America” products or “Made in China” products?
  • How has social media platforms changed doing business in the USA and the world?
  • What does it take to be a successful business owner in the 21st Century?
  • Does a business have to spend a lot of money on marketing their business in the 21st Century?

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