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8 Things to Know If You Want to Order Dissertation 

Nowadays, it is possible to buy custom written papers of all levels on the Web. Buying a dissertation is not an exception. Even such a serious and complicated work can be written for you by a professional writer. It isn’t surprising that more and more graduate students turn to the professional writing agencies to have their theses done and free their time for other more pleasant activities. However, this practice involves lots of risks, and you should be very careful when choosing a writing service to do the job for you. If you decide to order dissertation online, consider the following things:

  1. Reputation.
  2. Before browsing the site of any service, do quick preliminary research. Ask for recommendations on students’ forums and read some reviews online. If a company is well-known and has primarily positive reviews, it is likely to be reputable. Avoid hiring a little-known service with no or negative feedback.

  3. Price.
  4. Learn how much an average custom written dissertation costs and compare prices in several writing agencies. A quality thesis won’t cost cheap, so don’t turn to a service with low prices.

  5. Guarantees.
  6. The company you choose should guarantee that your dissertation will be written from scratch. You should also be ensured to receive an original paper containing no plagiarized materials. Just in case, make sure that the agency provides a money back guarantee.

  7. Customer support.
  8. High-grade dissertation writing services are available 24/7. Whenever you contact them, you’ll get immediate and detailed answers to your questions. If you are not satisfied with the customer support of a company, don’t buy thesis there.

  9. Credentials.
  10. Check out your writer’s credentials. Your writer should have a doctoral or master’s degree in the subject of your paper. Don’t let your math thesis be written by a graduate in humanities.

  11. Samples.
  12. Look through the samples of papers by your writer. If the quality and style meet your requirements, you can easily use the services of this person. Pay attention to the language in the sample. You will easily notice if the paper is written by non-native English speaker.

  13. Cooperation.
  14. You should be encouraged to keep track of the dissertation writing process, contact your writer often, ask for revisions, and offer your corrections.

  15. Time.
  16. Agree to have your paper completed with some time to spare before the deadline. It’s necessary that you read your final copy carefully, have final amendments, and be aware of the slightest details of your project. The defense day is due soon, and you should be well up in your research topic.

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