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Basic Characteristics Of A Great Doctoral Dissertation In Philosophy

A great doctoral dissertation in Philosophy should possess specific features which make it become outstanding. It must be able to define the problem which led to the analysis and expound the importance of that specific problem, have precise objectives, put the data in written form and draw conclusions. In actuality, there is no particular order for this valuable document; each is distinctive.

Similar with all other types of academic writing, working on a thesis often adheres to a specific outline hinging on a given instruction and the specific research subject is about.

Here are the basic characteristics of a good doctoral dissertation in Philosophy:

  • Information is presented concisely and briefly.
  • Facts are often recorded objectively and transparently in order to make it a lot easier to understand.
  • The format of the thesis must be clear hinging on the specific topic of the research.
  • The thesis is well-composed and complete with excellent grammar. Use this free english grammar checker to see if your paper is written well.
  • It must comprise of evidence of academic writing.
  • The data written can easily be read as well as understood.
  • The work needs to be inquiry or research-based.
  • It has to be an extended piece of work.
  • It requires an element of critical thinking as well as thorough evaluation.
  • It has to be applicable to a disciplined or it must take an interdisciplinary method.
  • It has to be contextualized and must exhibit recognition of the transitional nature of knowledge.
  • It needs to be established by an array of pertinent sources.
  • It has to intensify to its conclusion and where suitable have an element of contemplative recommendations and commentary.
  • It has to be precise of what it is actually contributing.
  • It has to accurately convey the research results effectively and in an appropriate manner.
  • It has to clearly specify and justify methodology.

Keep in mind that as with all characterizations, not every thesis can be expected to possess all of these traits. In reality, there are some which are commonly pertinent; however, some are more applicable to specific disciplines as compared to others. Meanwhile, there are some which are regarded as aspirational than just being a stringent requirement.

Where can you obtain reliable sources?

Be mindful that this valuable document has 2 primary sources known as the primary sources which convey that the researcher goes to the field to obtain data; on the other hand, the secondary sources compose of encyclopedias, internet, magazines, journals and books. What is more, these sources are acquired from different locations that they may be found. Fundamentally, these are the vital sources where you could feasibly obtain information for your most significant piece.

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