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Where To Look For Good Dissertation Examples On Journalism

A dissertation is simply an essay that is much longer. They can be written on all different types of subjects and usually they are assigned as a big project in one of your courses for college. Because of the length of the work, you need adequate time to complete your project. It is always helpful to read examples of other student’s works so you can get ideas for topics or types of writings. Examples are first-hand looks at what the real thing looks like and can offer valuable information. Here are some ideas on where to look to find some good dissertation examples on journalism.

The library

You can find many examples of this type of work as well as many others at the library. There is a reference section that has all of them organized so they can be easily found. If you have any problems at all, ask the librarian. She can guide you to the right place as well as give you additional information as to where other places may also have what you need. Because you are looking for journalism papers, you may be able to find samples of these types of articles in magazines and journals also.

Prior students of Journalism

Many students, especially if journalism is their major, will have all of their dissertations they have written. They would be glad to let you see them because no one else probably has read any of them so they would be glad to let you partake of their wisdom. You may want to know what grade they received on the assignment so you know how much credence you can put into the writing.

News Agencies

This is probably a unique place to find articles on journalism but most big news agencies more than likely have a reference room that would have articles of that type. If they let you have access to those files, it would be a great place for some unique writings that may not be seen by many people.

The internet

This is probably the best place to look for examples and it will probably find the most here as well. There are articles of all shapes and sizes on the World Wide Web and you can learn some valuable information from reading through the samples. Some sites will want to charge you for viewing examples but if you are persistent, you can find many examples that you will be able to view free of charge.

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