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List of Great Dissertation Titles in Civil Engineering

Dissertations are basically the complete description of detailed research work through summarization of the topic. Dissertations are expected to deliver new and unique content. Even if the idea is not new, the information should open the scope of further research and development. The most important part of a dissertation is its subject. The first criterion for the selection of a dissertation topic is one’s personal choice. The subject should interest the student and fit with his life circumstances and intellectual level. As a Civil Engineer, the dissertation should cover such topics as construction, design, maintenance of the environment and related topics when considered on the wider basis. Here is a list of few dissertation topics that could help you out.

On the basis of Soil: In soil mechanics, we study about the various properties of the soil to be used for various engineering construction works. It is one of the most important components for development. A few interesting ideas regarding soil would be:

  1. Testing Of In-Situ
  2. Unsaturated and Gassy Soil
  3. Plastic: A Potential Soil Stabilizer
  4. Cement from Soil
  5. Sedimentation and Rock Solidification Of Soft Clay
  6. Fluidity of Granular Materials
  7. Reinforced Soil
  8. Soil Mechanics and Its Several Branches
  9. Soil-Industrial Effluent Interaction and Engineering Behaviour
  10. Stabilized Soil Blocks

On the basis of Construction and Structure: Construction and Structuring form a major part of Civil Engineering. Given below are some important topics in this major part:

  1. All about Structural Dynamics
  2. Self Compacting Concrete
  3. Structural Glass and Its Advantages
  4. Structures that are Deployable
  5. Building Demolition
  6. Tensegrity Structures and their Application to Architecture
  7. Monolithic Dome: Structure and Construction
  8. Earthquake Resistant Building Construction
  9. Advanced Pavement Design
  10. Aspect of Design of Fire Resistant Plasterboard Walls in Fire
  11. Offshore Foundations and Structures
  12. Tunnelling and Trenchless Technology and its Advancement
  13. Finite Element Analysis
  14. Distinct Element Modelling

On the basis of Fluids: Fluid mechanics is the study of everything related to fluids. It encompasses the miscibility of certain fluids, their movement, their interaction with other materials and their effect on the human civilization. Some ideas under this important category would be:

  1. Computational Hydraulics
  2. Wind Engineering
  3. Tidal Power
  4. All About Hydrology and Flow
  5. Stochastic Hydrology and Its Importance
  6. Design of Hydraulic Structures
  7. Groundwater Hydrology

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