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Effective Advice On How To Write Good Dissertation Abstracts

Your dissertation is getting closer and closer, and you are working on it as fast as you can. There are many things that you have to take into consideration. One of these things is the abstract; you want to make sure that it is perfect and it will really impress your professor. Many students neglect this part of their composition because it’s so short, so they assume that it’s not important. However, this is exactly what can make you fail. Follow this effective advice when you work on your abstract:

  • Give some details about the topic. The reader need to know what you write about, so they can decide if they are interested in the topic or not. Also, it is recommended to make this paragraph as exciting as possible, so you can motivate others to continue reading. Make sure that you don’t write something that is not connected with the topic; this element needs to be straightforward and clear.
  • Keep yourself away from unnecessary sentences. The abstract needs to be short, no longer than a paragraph, therefore if you write something unnecessary you will not have space for the important things. You can find here more ways to keep this part as short as possible.
  • Don’t mention the final result. It might be tempting to write the result in the first paragraphs, just to show others what a good work you did. However, this means that the reader already knows everything there is to know about the composition, so he has absolutely no reason to read until the end. Give the details that you have to, but tdon’t reveal anything important that might ruin the surprise for them. If you want, you can mention some research methods and why you chose them, but don’t be too explicit with this either.
  • Write the abstract after you finish your dissertation. Many students write it before, thinking that this will help them arrange their ideas. However, there is a big chance to write wrong information in the abstract. After you are done with your main project, when you edit and correct it, write this paragraph and introduce it naturally in the composition. In this way you will know clearly what you have to write and there is no risk to change your ideas later and have to rewrite the entire piece.

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