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Nine Good Topics For Writing A Thesis On English Culture

English culture is a very interesting topic, and you can choose many aspects to integrate with your essay. Depending on what you want to express, you have the option to discuss about music, arts, literature, political system, symbols and many others. The important thing is that you have to be passionate about the topic, in order to create something beautiful. Also, make sure to differentiate between English culture and the culture of United Kingdom, because many elements are different. If you are searching for a good topic, check out this list:

  1. Architecture. England is well-known all over the world for its gorgeous buildings and constructions. Mention some of the most significant architectural symbols of the country and introduce some pictures.
  2. Music. Many famous artists were born or lived in England, and their music is very often representative for this beautiful country. Classical music is a big part of the history, but also many modern singers have roots there.
  3. Science. You can mention the most significant discoveries that were made by English scientists. One of the most influential figures is Isaac Newton, and he had a significant contribution to the foundation of mechanics.
  4. Language. In any country you go, you will always find people that know English. The language has its origins in the West Germanic language family.
  5. Symbols of England. Even if you pick buildings, social norms or expressions, there are some elements that are well-known all over the world. The most simple example can be the Buckingham Palace.
  6. Social norms. Here you have the freedom to discuss about anything you want, from social habits, to what is acceptable or not and traditions that are specific to England. Many English habits are strange for foreigners, but everyone is interested in knowing them.
  7. Folklore. You can talk about some of the old legends and stories that are representative for this culture or to show videos of traditional dance. Robin
  8. Food. Everyone knows the “five o’clock tea”. The English breakfast is also famous in all over the world, and they are considered the most popular aliments consumed by people in this region.
  9. Literature. The last, but not least, this is for sure worth writing about. England gave to the world many fantastic writers, and one of the most important ones is Shakespeare. You can present in class a piece written by him.

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