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A List of Interesting Dissertation Topics in International Law

Need help coming up with a dissertation topic in international law? You can choose from this list of great topics or use it to help inspire some thoughts of your own.

  1. Provide a critical analysis of the various roles and functions of corporate social responsibility in today’s international market. What are the biggest challenges faced in corporate social responsibility?
  2. What are the biggest problems posed in enforcing international law? How are the normative system and the credibility of the international community as a co-existent entity put in jeopardy?
  3. In which direction is international law heading in terms of changes made as a result of how states and subjects view the permanent establishment of corporations? Will this make enforcement of international law at the state level more difficult?
  4. One of the fastest growing methods of travel is in the cruise ship industry. What are the major legal issues faced by corporations who are entering this revenue generating market? Consider travel issues of a corporations patrons as well as public opinion of the corporation itself?
  5. How effective have Israel and Arab peace treaties signed in the last 20 years been in encouraging and promoting the safe travel for tourists into Jerusalem? Should the international community have a hard look at updating these treaties to bring more protection?
  6. Discuss the tenuous existence of piracy law and the use of force in the context of international law. Should people accused of piracy be permitted to be returned to their native countries for trial?
  7. How will the inclusion of rape as an internationally recognized war crime affect the war crises in some African nations, where militia rule occurs during times of civil war?
  8. How has international law allowed countries to create extensive trade embargoes on countries? Should the international community step in to lift these embargoes?
  9. Should nations that do not extradite known national fugitives undergo sanctions by countries allied with the nation that wants to retain the fugitive?
  10. How effective are international tribunals in hearing and convicting people who have been accused of war crimes? Are these tribunals fair to defendants who largely are put on trial because of witness reports?
  11. What are the biggest tensions that exist between Japan’s whaling fleet and western nations that have waged a protest war in its attempts to stop whaling in international waters?
  12. What are the biggest challenges and opportunities for international investors in developing renewable energy markets in third world or underdeveloped countries?

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