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Helpful Strategies For Writing A Doctoral Dissertation Abstract In French

The doctoral dissertation can be a real nightmare for many students. You have to study for months and dedicate so much time for writing and editing. However, when you try to make this in French everything becomes almost impossible. You don’t even know from where to start and even your abstract can take a few days. Even if you don’t like it, you have to work hard and find out a good strategy to complete this task:

  • Keep a dictionary on your desk at all times. Even if you are fluent in French, you still might find a word that you don’t know. Instead of wasting time to search for it, just have the dictionary prepared and solve the problem in a few minutes. Since the abstract needs to be short, you need to know how to write the text in clear and concise way.
  • Give details about the topic. After a reader readers your abstract, he needs to know what topic you write about and why. If he can not answer to this questions, it means you did something wrong. Of course, this does not mean that you will discuss about complex ideas or bring evidence right from the first lines. Keep these things for the body of the text where they belong.
  • Contact a native. You can study a language for years, but you will not be completely good at it. The best way to complete this task without any problem is to actually ask someone from France to help you. You don’t need to have a friend from there; there are many websites on the Internet where you can find French students ready to help you. Another alternative is, of course, social media. Just ask for help on study groups and see who will offer. If you can’t find someone to assist you, get immediate help.
  • Make it exciting. The abstract has to be a resume of your composition, but at the same time it needs to be exciting so you can convince other people to read your entire project. You can use new expressions for this, or you can just tell them that you took an interview from a famous personality in your text. Naturally, you will not reveal any important result, otherwise they will have no interest to actually read the rest.

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