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20 Original Dissertation Ideas in Quantum Physics

Quantum physics is also known as quantum mechanics or theory. This incredibly interesting branch of fundamental physics deals with phenomena at nanoscopic scales. Science students are often given a dissertation assignment in order to learn more about the behaviour of atoms, interactions between matter and energy, and mathematical functions which provide information about physical properties of particles.

Although this field of study is very complicated, there are many original dissertation ideas that students can write their papers about. The following twenty topics are created to help them get inspired:

  1. Albert Einstein and emergence of quantum physics.
  2. The concept of quanta: does everything have a quanta?
  3. Uncertainty in nature as the essence of modern scientific paradigm.
  4. Experimental research basics: the role of a “build in” probability theory.
  5. The particle-wave duality as an example of uncertainty.
  6. No paradox: why can a particle behave like a wave?
  7. Why does a single particle can produce interference phenomena?
  8. How will quantum mechanics revolutionize the world of information?
  9. The basics of quantum information theory.
  10. The main concepts and approaches used under the theory of entanglement.
  11. Emergence of novel phases of matter: experiments that involve trapping ions in optical lattices.
  12. Methods and techniques used to map the state of particles in quantum systems.
  13. What is a Hawking radiation in a setting with trapped ions?
  14. On what scientific results is the concept of wave-particle duality based?
  15. The reasons why a quantum computer is more powerful than a traditional PC.
  16. Quantization of certain physical problems as a class of phenomena that can’t be accounted for by classical physics.
  17. The history of scientific attempts at creating a unified field theory.
  18. Teleportation experiments: techniques for transmitting information and matter over arbitrary distances.
  19. The nature of superfluidity.
  20. The phenomenon of superconductivity: potential practical applications.

To complete a dissertation on physics, a student should work hard. The first step towards a high-quality paper is to select a manageable topic. It’s advisable to consult your supervisor if you aren’t sure whether you can handle a chosen research idea.

Most students also consider their math skills when they are thinking about dissertation topics, as some of them require use of complicated mathematical formulations. Either way, you should conduct a background study before starting to work on the dissertation’s text. Learn all the basic terms and concepts, and find reliable sources.

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