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5 Things To Know About The History Dissertation Appendix

A history dissertation can be very difficult, no matter how passionate you are about this course. You need to memorize a lot of information and spend a few weeks just for research. After that, you will have to find a way to organize all this data in a logic way, and hope that your professor will notice your effort. Of course, you can not forget about the appendix of your paper. Find out theses 5 things about it:

  1. It is always necessary when it comes to history. When you write about something that happened in the past, you need to provide a lot of details and explanations. To introduce these in the middle of your composition can be disturbing for the readers, so you will write them on a separate piece. The same thing applies when you mention historical dates and you need to connect them with certain events.
  2. Your professor will read it. Many students think that their professor is not interested in such a small detail, so they don’t really pay attention when they write it. However, your teacher needs to know everything there is about your project, so he will read absolutely everything.
  3. It will make your project more complex and interesting. For some people, your project will be like a puzzle and they will be excited to get more information from this source. Of course, this does not mean that your appendix needs to have dozens of pages. Limit yourself to the information that is really relevant to your topic, like it is explained on this site.
  4. It needs to be written and edited in the same way as your main composition. Only because you don’t introduce it in the main text it does not mean that it is not important. Don’t try to make this element seem special by changing the font or the color of the page, as this will seem childish. Keep it simple and professional as the rest of your dissertation.
  5. It needs to contain explanations, not other information. You don’t have enough space to discuss new ideas or concepts in this element, so try to limit yourself only to the things that you already mentioned in the main text. Otherwise, you can make your entire project seem chaotic and your teacher will not even know from where to start reading it. The more simple it is, the better.

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