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How Do I Write Dissertation Abstracts In Economics?

Writing an abstract for a dissertation in economics is much like writing an abstract for many other fields of study. There are particular formats that you need to follow and certain information that you must include.

Before you even start writing, make sure that you are familiar with the word count that you are allowed and any other information that your professor has given. Make sure that you read this before you even start writing.

One of the best ways of making sure that you include all the information that you need is by looking critically at other peoples work. Careful view what they have included. Look at the accuracy and use of language. Remember that this section of your paper should be :

  • a brief of the focus of your study
  • a statement about the methodology that you used
  • concise evidence of your result
  • an abridged version of your conclusion.

Perhaps the most important piece of advice is to leave writing this section until the last. You also need to be prepared to re-read and edit this section several times, as it needs to illustrate the logical progression of your work.

Some questions that you need to ask yourself:

  • What was the focus of your work?
  • What was the rationale behind your study?
  • What was your motivation to complete the study?
  • Can you give a brief synopsis of how you set about the work?
  • Are you able to report a brief summary of your findings?
  • Can you include the main conclusions that you made?
  • What recommendations were you able to make?

You should be able to answer these questions briefly and concisely.

Make sure that the information that you give follows a logical progression of ideas and that it flows seamlessly. Write your abstract so that it captures the essence of your research.

One of the biggest downfalls in economics papers is that the author tends to avoid disclosing the evidence they have amassed.

  • Make some reference to the data that you have acquired. Does it elaborate on the that you have made reference to in your Introduction?
  • Check that the data that your refer to is actually available in the main part of your document.
  • Be wary of the language that you use. There can be a tendency to use economics jargon. Remember that your work will be accessible to readers from other fields.
  • Highlight the techniques that you have used throughout your work. How do these techniques relate to your topic?

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