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List Of Great Master’s Dissertation Topics On Nutrition

For every student, the dissertation is the project that takes the biggest amount of time. It takes a lot of reading, research, writing and editing and you can’t skip any step. Since your final grades are depending on this paper, you must not neglect any aspect and you must think carefully about the subject that you will choose. There are plenty of options, but it needs to be something interesting, accessible and suitable for your course. If you are studying nutrition and you decided to complete your dissertation on this subject, check out these ideas:

  • Stress eating. As you already know, many people eat when they are upset or stressed. What are the causes for this, and how it can be prevented? Give some clear examples.
  • Low-budget healthy meals. To cook healthy is easy when you have money to spend, but many people prefer processed food because it’s cheaper. Discuss some accessible, but healthy alternatives for the food that is on the market.
  • Dairy products. Until now, everyone was used to eat yoghurt in the morning and to add milk in their coffee. However, recent studies show that dairy can actually be damaging for our body, and that it can create serious health problems on long term. Present the arguments.
  • Carb loading. This is a term used by athletes, for the meals that they take before competitions. They will eat an incredible amount of carbohydrates, to make sure that they have the necessary fuel for the competition. Is this healthy, or it should be replaced with a balanced diet?
  • Is gluten healthy or not? Many people are trying to eliminate the gluten from their diet, counting on the researches that say that gluten is damaging for our stomach and that it can even trigger mental diseases. How much truth is in this?
  • Calories. We hear all the time how people count calories, trying to lose weight. But is this really effective? Does it matter the type of food that we eat, or only the amount of calories that we ingest? Explain this process in detail.
  • Culture and food. There are types of food that no European would eat, but there are very common in Asian cuisine. Does culture influence entirely our diet, and is this something positive? Present examples of traditional dishes from all over the world.

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