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Complete Instructions For Writing An Organic Chemistry Master's Thesis

Organic chemistry is a relatively complex subject that requires a great deal of knowledge, logical thinking, and intelligence in order to study effectively. In fact, many students who study the subject for a Master’s degree will often be highly intelligent individuals; however, when it comes to writing a master’s thesis, despite the intelligent that many students will have when studying organic chemistry, this doesn’t necessarily equate to knowledge and understanding of how to complete the work to a high standard.

Essentially, just as individuals have to learn the various principles of organic chemistry, so must people learn how to compose a Master’s thesis - or indeed any other type of academic paper.

What to do first

Before you can start writing or researching anything, you should first plan your essay. However, in order to plan the work you will first need to have a reasonable idea of what title you wish to use. Once you have chosen the title you will use for your thesis, you will be able to identify what needs to be done in order to complete the work, such as any sections that you need to write.

Once you know what needs to be done, you can then create a realistic timeframe, as well as a rough plan of what you will write about in each of the different sections of your paper.


After planning the work, and before starting the writing, you will need to carry out some detailed research. Of course, you should ideally have a reasonable understanding and knowledge of the topic that you are discussing; however, it is still important that you carry out a great deal of research in order to ensure that you not only understand more about the subject, but are aware of any relevant studies or other information that you can refer to in your own paper.

The writing process

Once you have done a sufficient amount of research in order to enable you to start writing, you will be ready to begin the first draft. This will essentially be a rough attempt at producing something that looks vaguely like an essay. However, you will be required to write subsequent drafts which will perfect the work, so don’t worry about getting it absolutely right on the first attempt.

Another important aspect of the writing process is proofreading and editing. This should be done once you have finished your final draft, and is important as it should ensure that you remove any spelling or grammatical errors.

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