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Coming Up With Outstanding Topics For Your Law Dissertation

One of the most challenging parts of writing your law dissertation is coming up with a topic to write about. You really can’t move forward with any other part of the process until you have decided on a solid topic. If you have not chosen a good topic, you can find yourself starting the whole process all over again, so it is essential that you get it done the first time around. Focus on choosing a topic that follows some specific criteria.

It should be interesting mostly because you will be spending a lot of time reading and researching the topic. It should also be relevant because the main purpose of making you write this type of paper is to get you to learn more about the topic that you are studying. The topic must also be unique. That means that you should conduct a new study in your field on a topic that has not been previously studied so that you can add knowledge to your field. Now that you know the main characteristics that your topic must have, you can start looking for your topic. Here is some help in coming up with outstanding topics for your law dissertation.

  1. Come up with general topic
  2. The first step is to come up with a general topic that interests you. Think of it as choosing a subtopic of law. What part of the law do you find the most interesting? Now that you have chosen a general topic, you will want to do some preliminary research to get a better understanding of that topic.

  3. Do some preliminary research
  4. Preliminary research will help you decide what areas of the topic need to be studied more in length. It can help you narrow down your study so that you can concentrate on finding a topic that you can conduct your study on.

  5. Narrow down your study
  6. Start to narrow down you topic so that you can focus on one aspect of the law. You can even go as far as seeing how one law has effected one group of people in one town. This is if you can find enough evidence to support your study.

  7. Create a case study
  8. The final step is to create your case study. You will want to develop a research question and a hypothesis that you will work to prove or disprove.

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