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Free Thesis Writing Help: Creating A Perfect Introduction

The first thing a reader encounters when faced with a thesis is its introduction. This is the point where first impressions are made and if it is done poorly you can very easily end up with a paper that gets dismissed early on despite being fairly well written. The tips below should help you to avoid suffering that harsh fate.

  • Read a few good sample introductions
  • The way a thesis is structured will be different from an essay or many of the other types of academic content you may have come across before. Look for samples that are not just objectively good but follow the specific rules that have been put in place by your college. These may be slightly different from what you find in other institutes so it is helpful to know what is expected of you.

  • Organize your other points first
  • There is an innate desire in most of us to create things in an order that represents their natural chronology. Using this mindset we would create the introduction first and then make the remainder of the piece. The problem with this lies in the fact that the two parts must match up and you would actually be introducing things you have not yet decided on. When you know what you intend to do, you can introduce it to readers much more competently.

  • Create a draft
  • While some tasks can be completed in one go, you are better off writing a draft and looking through it carefully. This is a good time to ask a friend or tutor to give you a critique and tel you if you’ve started off in the right direction with reference to the other parts of your thesis that already exist. By doing this you will know if you have to start from scratch before it is too late.

  • Proofread and edit your work
  • This aspect of the process is where you remove any lingering errors. Your introduction would basically be complete at this point but need a few lines here and there to be rephrased. There may be a few minute errors in punctuation and spelling as well which, while not a major cause for concern, cannot under any circumstances be allowed to remain in the version that will be submitted for review.

There are many good introductions available online and elsewhere that you can structure your work after so you can very easily write one suited to your thesis.

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