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7 Things You Need To Know About The Geology Dissertation Format

Students who are likely to write dissertation on Geology should go through various pieces of scholarly articles. Such thesis can be availed either online or by paying a visit to the library.

There are many parameters that need to be covered in the given format. Check the 7 most prominent ones-

  1. Title page: The university regulations have restricted the title characters up to 80. It includes spaces too. The title is written on first page of the paper and it is a separate page. The name of the author and the date of publishing also flash on the same page.
  2. Copyright page or the signature page: Minimum three lines should be kept for the author’s signature. This is one of the most important University regulations.
  3. Abstract: The length of the abstract should be limited. It should not exceed 150-350 words and should fit in a single page only.
  4. Acknowledgement: This part is optional and it is suggested that you go through your university guidelines to include in your dissertation.
  5. Table of Content: It should be double spaced. In each of the chapter there should be more than one entry. More entries will not only improve on clarity but will assist the readers in finding the content with more ease. It begins with Introduction and ends with appendices. List of figures, list of all the tables and the list of plates are not part of it. Headings and subheadings are also listed in the Table of content. All the lists must be double spaced. The first letter used in table of content should be written with capital letter and abbreviations should be avoided. Table of Content is usually divided into sections and subsections.
  6. References cited: In a Geology dissertation, the font size and style used should be in accordance of the university guidelines. The name of the author should be alphabetically arranged and the author’s last name should be written first. The rules for citation varies based on the APA, AAA, MLA, Chicago, Turbulent style opted by the student.
  7. Page format and layout: 1 inch margin should be left from all the four sides. The text employed should be Times New Roman with minimum 12 points size. Smaller font type and size is suggested for preparing tables and footnotes. Black color text is used for writing inside text. Except for the tables and figures, lists, quotations, legends and captions, 2 inches margins can be left from all the sides. For bibliographic entries single line spaces should be used. One space should be left between two words, word and punctuation and between word and semi-colons, whereas double spaces are left between sentences.

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