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Looking For A Proper Dissertation Example On The Web

A dissertation is the most important work in your academic career so far. It has the potential to win or lose you a place on your chosen career path. What you put in your dissertation is a shop-front for your skills and knowledge. While the work may seem overwhelming, do not let that put you off. If you create a strong, flexible plan then you can use that to focus your research and manage your time effectively. It should not be a rigid outline; you may find that you need to adjust your thoughts on your work as you acquire more information.

One of the most important things you can do is present your work clearly. Many people believe that the longer the sentence, the more scholarly you sound. It is possible to have so many clauses that the reader loses track of where the sentence was going before they reach the end. If the people marking your dissertations get lost in poorly-expressed information, it will not reflect well on your final grade. Your important points should have their own sentence. Of course you must write at a proper academic level, but that does not mean you have to fill every sentence with untranslatable jargon.

Never believe that you can achieve your best work in the first draft. Allocate enough time in your plan to go over your work two or three times before you are ready to hand in your final work.

If you want to know what standard you are expected to achieve, then the best thing you can do is find examples of work from previous candidates. In the papers that received the highest grades you will find the perfect structure for your paper and the best way to present your arguments.

Where to find an example

  • Your departmental website – you may find that your department may post examples of their best dissertations as a way of attracting more students and letting their current class see what is expected.
  • Websites of other Universities – again with the idea of attracting new students and helping the students still working.
  • If you are required to use one of the strict formats for your work, then checking out the website for that format may provide you with the clearest example of what is expected of you.
  • Does your college library have an online catalogue? That will make looking for examples much easier.

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