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How To Come Up With Mental Health Dissertation Ideas

When we hear about patients who are mentally ill, our first instinct is to take a step back. We are not sure how we should behave with them, how they will react or if we will do something wrong. Writing your dissertation on this theme can make you and your classmates more tolerant and more understanding. Besides, it is a fascinating subject that will make all the audience pay attention to you when you read your composition. If you don’t know how to tackle this subject, take a look at these ideas:

  • Discuss about autism. Many people don’t know anything about autistic children and they tend to discriminate them in school. They think that they are not capable to study or understand others. While they don’t communicate like we do, they have other qualities that normal people lack. For example, many of them are amazing artists or scientists and they can understand complicated issues that for us are impossible.
  • Down Syndrome. You saw people with down syndrome on the street, but you never wanted to approach them. Besides the fact that they look slightly different, they are normal people who can have friends and communicate in good way. There is no reason to discriminate them and your colleagues have to understand them.
  • Alzheimer. This is one of the most common mental disorders of this century. Is it triggered by many factors, but the most important ones are genetic and alimentation issues. Discuss more about this in your project and help your colleagues understand it better.
  • Asperger Syndrome. There are some people who are not social in nature; they can’t understand different ways of talking or joking. On the other hand, they have a great capacity of learning and they can become amazing scientists or doctors.
  • Bipolar Disorder. You can’t even imagine how many people around you have to live with this illness. It is easy to control it with medicine, but they are scared to discuss with others about it; they don’t want to be seen like mentally unstable.
  • Depression. It is extremely common among teenagers and adults, especially in the last years. However, they are scared to talk with their friends about this because many people will not understand. Explain in your project that even people with normal lives can be depressed and that they need help and support.

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