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Discovering the Best Politics Dissertation Ideas

When looking for the best politics dissertation ideas you can go about the research similarly across the board. Your dissertation is the final step before receiving your PhD, so this work is of course of the utmost importance. In order to insure success, you can follow these steps to discover the best politics dissertation ideas.

  1. Consider Personal Interest
  2. Think about the studies you have completed so far in your undergraduate and graduate education—what has held you political interests most? Chances are you have a general area of study in mind, but really consider what you find personally interesting. This will be great to help hold your interests throughout the long dissertation writing process, as well as the writing you produce will be more interested and engaged which will hook your readers’ attentions.

  3. Think About Research
  4. Next, once you have some promising ideas in mind, you will want to consider the research. By performing some preliminary research you can determine whether or not there are useful resources available for your writing. You may have an intriguing idea, but without the necessary sources—you will not have a strong argument for your thesis.

  5. Consult Advisor
  6. Another good step or measure you can take in the prep work for you thesis is by finding, and/or consulting with an advisor. If you do not already have an advisor, this will be a good time to find someone who has already successfully completed this milestone in his or her academic career. This person should be someone you can call upon for guidance and/or advice throughout the process ahead of you. This person can help you determine whether or not your prospective topic idea is truly promising or not.

  7. Explore
  8. Next, after you have thought about what interests you and your audience, what idea is easily supportable, and also approved by your advisor—you will want to explore. Look for a variety of source types to create the most interesting arguments.

  9. Plan
  10. Now, you are ready to plan! Take all of your research and thoughts, and organize these into an outline. The outline will be the numerically and alphabetically organized skeleton for your finished work.

After following these five preliminary steps in your research you should be able to locate a strong topic for your dissertation. Here are a couple topics to get your creative juices flowing:

  • Civil War
  • Ethnic Conflict
  • Social Movements
  • Gender Politics
  • Totalitarianism
  • And more!

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