PhD defense

Top Prompts For Dissertation Writing

April 13, 2021Posted by J.K. Portman


So you have decided to write a dissertation. You haven't taken this decision lightly. You've been studying now for many years at high school and now at college and when it comes to writing a dissertation you know what you're in for. This is not an overnight, quick fix assignment. This is something which is going to take a lot of time and a lot of effort, not to mention a lot of clever thinking.

You see the first thing you need to know about writing a dissertation is time management. If you want the best tip or idea in writing a dissertation it is learning how to manage your time. So many students complete the dissertation and may even do so and get a high mark, but they wasted enormous amount of time. The test for you is to produce an excellent dissertation but to do so sensibly and without wasting time. So learn how to manage your time.

One of the beauties of the Internet is that it provides a massive number of websites which are designed to help people just like you. By the clever use of a search engine you can find websites which give ideas, arguments, keywords and more to do with the topic of your dissertation. If you're looking for information, for ideas and prompts about your dissertation, go online and selectively search.

The Topic And The Supervisor Are Everything

April 22, 2021Posted by Jane Stone


Right from the very beginning when you wrote a simple essay as part of your early schooling, you would have been told that the choice of topic is very important. Well that fact remains completely true now that you come to a very large essay, a dissertation. Get the topic right. There are many points to be made about the choice of topic and most of them you'll know already. Choosing a topic in which you have an interest or prior knowledge is a big plus. Choosing a topic which lends itself to a good argument, on which there is an abundance of research material and especially if there are few if any other dissertations on the topic, is the way to go.

The right supervisor is a huge plus

May 01, 2021Posted by Adam Neigh


Now we all know that there a many professional people such as doctors, dentists and lawyers but people will tell you that some are better at what they do than others. The same applies to dissertation supervisors. They haven't got to be where they are without being highly educated and hopefully excellent teachers. But some supervisors are better than others. They might be able to manage their time better which means that they can see you on a regular basis and be available whenever a crisis hits your dissertation schedule. Look around and be doubly sure that the supervisor you have is ideal for your dissertation. Everything about your PhD writing process.